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My work has always been inspired by nature: organic forms, currents, flow, cycles, seasons, land, water, sky, and the living things that dwell in those spaces.  The work is about color, line, texture, nature and seeing the world from a different perspective.  Whether micro or macro, my intention is to provide an opportunity to be part of a dialog with nature and the flora and fauna that surround us.  The landscapes in my paintings are imaginary yet solidly grounded to my local surroundings.  I call on the experiences and images from the archives of my visual diary.  The images for these paintings weave and intermingle in my mind and present themselves as a mélange of overlapping histories.  They are inner landscapes inspired by outer landscapes.  By taking away the 'realness' of a place, the essence of it begins to surface. Inspirations from daily walks and hikes come together in my studio as a finished painting. I invite this constant conversation with nature which allows my art process to change and grow in order to keep the conversation alive.

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