The best stories are told in layers, where each layer builds upon the prior creating a foundation and a history.  By using the luminous beauty of encaustic wax painting, I create an open conversation with nature.  The importance of nature in our lives is a known part of our health and wellbeing.  However, the chaos of everyday life often stands in the way of this relationship.  My objective is to bring nature into close view in order to create an interaction and start that much needed dialog.

With hot pigmented beeswax and blow torch in hand, I weave the stories of the local flora and fauna with encaustic painting.  The use of encaustic wax and its luminous quality creates a way to express the layers and depth of nature itself. The works offer an opportunity to see the plant and animal world on another level and be part of a dialog with the essence of nature. My inspiration behind the work is to create awareness of the natural world and its power of healing.  I intend to spark interest to go outside, take a closer look at the real life beauty of nature, and be part of a relationship with the natural beauty that surrounds us. 

I grew up on the doorstep of the Pacific Northwest’s rain forest and pacific coast beaches.  I learned about art in the studio of my father, where he provided mentorship and we painted together throughout my life.  The flora and fauna that surrounded me then, continues to be my inspiration today. 

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